Game Rules

Online Cricket Betting Rules At Miraj Pro

Any Online Betting Exchange has a given set of rules and regulations. Players need to follow these while placing any bet online on that Sport. Rules and Regulations might vary for various sports. In the following, we have stated some general terms and conditions. Players need to follow these while placing bets or playing any online casino game:

Miraj Pro Cricket Betting – Games Rules

Following are the mandatory terms and conditions players need to follow while placing online cricket bets at Miraj Pro:

  • Betting related to any events will be settled by the rules of the official competition.
  • There can be a situation where the outcome of the events cannot be determined. This can be due to bad weather or any other factor delaying the match. There, the outcome of the bets placed will be as per the official rules.
  • The bets placed among the user will be considered void if the match has been cancelled or has not been restarted within 48 hours. Also, if there is any change, like in the team or the players in the new restarted match, the best will be considered void.
  • In case the toss does not hold, then the bet will be considered void.
  • In the case of betting in a limited overmatch, all the bests will be considered void in case it is not possible to complete at least 80% of the total overs in the match.
  • For a first-class match, a minimum of 200 overs needs to be completed. Otherwise, the bets will be canceled or considered void.
  • Any player who has been retired will not be considered as a dismissal.
  • If a bet has been placed determining the total number of ducks in a given overs or the total match, the ones in the super over will not be counted.
Super Over Match
  • In case of a super over, only the official result will be considered to decide the winner of the bet. Any runs, extras, wickets, or other factors will not be considered while determining the outcome of any bet placed on that match.
  • In case of a super-over, the outcomes will be determined based on the official result only.
  • For the bets placed on determining the total runs or team total runs, the runs of the super-overs will not be counted.
Tied Match
  • In case a player places a bet on the player or the team whose player has secured the highest run, and there is a tie, then the winner will be determined through the winning side. Runs scored by a player in Super Over will not be counted.
  • A condition of “Dead-Heat” rules will be applicable in a situation of a match tie or the official competition rules cannot determine the outcome.
  • While placing the bet on the bowler with the highest wicket, a minimum number of overs need to be completed. Otherwise, the bet will be considered void. Wickets taken in a super over will not be counted.