Casino, Horse Race Betting And Online Cricket Betting In Bangalore

Miraj Pro is an online gaming website and an online casino in Bangalore. Here, players can find numerous online casino games and many other real-time sports for placing bets. With more than 5000 bets placed online, the Miraj Pro is considered the best platform among the Bangalore Casino Poker players to place wagers and make some small fortune for themselves.

Registered users at Miraj Pro can find all kinds of online casino games for their entertainment. Along with that, major sports events like IPL or any international cricket events are covered under Miraj Pro, where betting players are offered numerous options and unbeatable odds, which no website for cricket betting in Bangalore can provide. In recent years, there has been a remarkable upsurge in the world of online betting. The reason for that is the lockdown, due to which many people have all their free time with only one resource for their entertainment, which is the internet.

Explore Online Horse Race Betting In Bangalore

At Miraj Pro, users can easily find any sports on which a real-time bet can be placed. Major sports include online cricket betting and horse race betting in Bangalore. Other online casino games available for Bangalore Casino poker players are:


Miraj Pro is India’s number one for online poker. For beginners, the game of poker is a card game where the best hand with the highest combination wins the game. Different welcome bonuses, along with other offers, are available for the players. Various sources of information are available at Miraj Pro to get all the available details regarding Poker and other online casino games.

Teen Patti

Not only poker but the most famous Indian card game, the Teen Patti, is available at Miraj Pro, along with various bonuses and offers, especially for new players who wish to try their luck for the first time. This 3-card game is even simpler than poker with no other special rule. Daily, more than 1000 players are active in the Teen Patti of the Miraj Pro.

Not only these two games but many other games like Rummy, Wheel of Fortune, various card games, and real-time sports for betting are available at Miraj Pro.

Join Bangalore Casino Poker

To access the Miraj Pro online sportsbook, you need to register yourself by creating a betting account. Below is a simple step-wise process for Bangalore casino poker players to join Miraj Pro:

  • Go to the official page of Miraj Pro and click the WhatsApp icon on the right side at the bottom of the page.
  • Connect with Miraj Pro officials on WhatsApp and provide your basic details like name, address, and one identification proof for age determination.
  • Once you submit your details, the official will verify them after authentication, your betting profile will be created, and a betting ID will be given to you along with the password.

With your betting account being created, you need to activate it by logging in with the provided credentials.

Enjoy Various Welcome Bonuses At A Casino In Bangalore India

With the recent upsurge in the number of online casino in Bangalore, competition among online betting platforms has increased. To overcome this competition, various online betting exchanges, along with Miraj Pro, take different measures, among which one is offering various bonuses to the players. Well, whatever the measure any online casino takes, it becomes beneficial only for the player that is registered. Various Bonuses available for the user at Miraj Pro include:

Welcome Bonus

This one is specific for the new player who has registered with Miraj Pro for the first time. This is the most common bonus that any online betting exchange can offer to attract more and more new players. Not only at Miraj Pro, various Online casino in Bangalore India, provide a welcome bonus to new players.

Deposit Bonus

Another common bonus is the Deposit bonus. Whenever a player makes a deposit, or we can say a minimum deposit, Miraj Pro will offer a bonus to them.

Loyalty And Referral Bonuses

Not only new players but existing players can also enjoy various bonuses. Regular players can easily claim loyalty bonuses through which they can make high bets without any risk. A referral bonus is just a simple measure to encourage existing players to bring more interested players to Miraj Pro. In return, a definite bonus is offered for each player who has registered through referral.

Responsible Gaming

This is the major intention of Miraj Pro find responsible and mature betting players to avoid any gaming addiction. Some common measures for responsible gaming are:

  • Protection Of Minors: Anyone below the age of 18 cannot join Miraj Pro. Anyone found below the age of 18 will be blocked instantly.
  • Gaming Addiction: The priority of Miraj Pro is to avoid the addiction to compulsive gaming. For these, we take various measures to identify the potentially vulnerable targets for addiction to gaming.
  • Self-Exclusion: Any user, particularly the one identified as being prone to gaming addiction, has the right to self-exclusion. Players can take a break or temporarily/permanently close their account.
  • The Miraj Pro will have no objection to the self-exclusion. Also, it holds the right to take necessary action to exclude players who show signs of gaming addiction or any other mental illness for their safety and concern.