Responsible Gaming

Betting might be a source of entertainment, but it does involve the risk of losing finances and has a tendency to cause an addiction in the user. This is the main reason why so many people discourage gaming in certain regions. Along with that, unfair practices in traditional betting is a contributing factor to creating a negative impression of betting. Considering this in mind, Miraj Pro intends to create awareness of responsible gaming. The following measures are being taken by Miraj Pro as part of responsible gaming:

Protect Minor And The Interest Of Youth At All Cost

The first and foremost measure is to ensure that the player is old enough to know the risk of financial loss involved with online betting. Therefore to join Miraj Pro, you need to be at least 18 years of age. Any player unable to fulfil this criteria cannot create a betting account. Also, if any registered player fails to verify their age, then Miraj Pro has the right to suspend their account.

Therefore, as part of the verification process, players are asked to submit genuine identification proof. Along with that, the Miraj Pro requests the players to install software or an application on their device that can prevent any minor or underage child in their family from having access to an online betting website.

Gaming Addiction

As discussed above, this is the major reason why there is a need to promote awareness of gaming addiction among users. While online betting can be as entertaining as it can be, there is still a risk of addiction, especially for vulnerable players.

Keeping this in mind, the company has a system through which various experts can identify the behaviour of gaming addiction, especially the one who has gone through repeated losses, facing financial risk, or acting abusively while connecting with other players or customer service officials.

Other measures taken by Miraj Pro include the induction of various tools in their system through which it can be easy to remind the player about their spending, deposit limit, and others based on the preferences set by the players themselves.

Self-Control Or Self Exclusion

While it is our responsibility to avoid the risk of gaming addiction among the players, we also request some measures from their side to avoid gaming addiction. Below we have mentioned some points related to self-control and exclusion of the players. Players with a betting account at Miraj Pro can follow these pointers:

  • Set a budget limit for yourself for a given period above which you won’t make deposits no matter how many losses you have gone through.
  • There is no need to borrow money for gaming.
  • No need to develop compulsive behaviour. After all, it is just a game in which there is a winning side and a losing side. So, no need to make large deposits or place bets on a large amount.
  • Do not stick to any online betting site for a longer period. Either switch to other games or do some other activities.
Self Exclusion

Betting is something that becomes hard to resist sometimes. While self-control is effective in the majority of the players, for others, it can turn out to be a daily obsession for whom self-exclusion is the only option.

Players going through repeated losses are advised to connect with our service team. The first measure from our side is that we stop sending various emails or any other advertising materials to the players. Along with that, we can recommend some health professionals and various other web addresses where you can seek help to avoid gaming addiction.

Miraj Pro Customer Care

While we promote the awareness of responsible gaming, where we encourage players to take self-action, we also reserve the right to take action on any players with irregular behaviour while communicating with our customer service. The Miraj Pro can automatically close the account of any player showing signs of mental illness or indicating unusual dependence on gaming to ensure the safety of the players themselves.