Terms and Condition

The terms and conditions regulate the usage and provision of the games available at Miraj Pro and its other related websites. Through these terms and conditions, guidelines are set for the registered players at Miraj Pro. This, thus creates transparency between the betting exchange and the players. Mandatory terms and conditions available at Miraj Pro that players need to follow have been listed below.


Before discussing terms and conditions, some general definitions that are being used while discussing the guidelines have been. Therefore, players need to know these definitions while going through the terms and conditions:

  • Client: The person who is placing a wager at Miraj Pro is referred to as a client, user, or player.
  • Bet: Any event established among two players where they both make deposits is considered a bet. Also, in a bet, the winner takes all the amount calculated through the odds settled between them.
  • Outcome: The result of the event which will decide the winner of the bet.
General Terms And Conditions

The betting company only provides a platform for the players where they can play online casino games or participate in the list of bets available on different real-time sporting events. Amenity to create betting odds is available to the players through which they can manage their betting account. Any bet or participation in any online casino games will be according to the current rules mentioned on the website. Only one account is created during the user’s registration at Miraj Pro. This account will be used for any bet or other online casino game.

Any users need to go through these terms and conditions before they proceed to create their accounts. Registration at Miraj Pro will be considered as an acceptance of the terms and conditions. Along with that, registration also means that the client agrees to the charges for transfer and the rate of commission on the winnings made by them. While some agree with the terms and conditions, some of the clients do not agree with them. For these, it is recommended that they do not proceed with the registration process at Miraj Pro.

The Miraj Pro holds the right to make changes to the present rules associated with any online casino games or any real-time betting event. However, the rules for any previously made bets before the changes will remain unchanged, while for the subsequent changes, new rules will be applicable.

Age Restriction

Only individuals above the age of 18 years will be allowed to register, create a betting account, make deposits, play online casino games, and place online bets. Registration of the clients at Miraj Pro means that the player approves the terms and conditions and guarantees the following things:

  • Their age should be above 18. Also, they understand the financial risk involved while playing at any online casino or betting exchange.
  • The funds they will use to make deposits at Miraj Pro belong to them only.
  • The information provided by them is true.

Although online betting on sports like cricket and horse race betting is legal in India, it is the responsibility of the client to check for current rules and regulations applicable to online betting in their respective area. While registering at Miraj Pro, the clients are requested to keep relevant documents for identification purposes if requested by us.

The Miraj Pro also holds the right to suspend or cease any account on account of suspicions of any fraudulent activity or unfair practices made by the client.

Monetary Deposit And Account Confidentiality

Clients need to follow certain rules while creating an account or making a deposit at Miraj Pro.

Clients are also advised not to share their account credentials for which only they will be solely responsible. Information submitted by the clients at the betting exchange will remain confidential and secure. Although the betting exchange has no responsibility to the client, information has been disclosed to any third party.

The online betting exchange is not responsible for any damage or loss made while using the site or any of its content. In case of any misuse of the site content by any person or any party, the betting exchange holds no responsibility.

Only the citizens of India can register at Miraj Pro. However, citizens from different corners of the country need to check for the current law practices. Also, the legal status of online betting in their region. Only after which, they are advised to register on this online casino platform.